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PreCollegiate Is An Unqualified, Resounding Success

Since 2007:

  • 100% of seniors who have participated in the program have graduated high school – roughly double the statewide average
  • 80% of PreCollegiate students who attended four-year colleges have graduated – over three times the nationwide completion rate for all First-Gen students
  • PreCollegiate students also finish two-year colleges at almost twice the rate of all students nationwide
  • Roaring Fork PreCollegiate is one of the most exciting, successful and lowest cost youth support programs in the state of Colorado

Since 2014, student enrollment has increased 50% and is expected to double by 2019!


  • Spending for student support services like concurrent courses, testing, professional counseling, and summer college sessions is increasing proportionally.
  • This cost gap is exacerbated in the case of low-income, minority, and first generation students who may lack both the resources and knowledge base to seek out these additional opportunities in order to to make themselves viable college candidates
    in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Starting in the 2016-17 school year, PreCollegiate will need to raise $150,000 per year on a consistent basis to ensure that the Program maintains its size and excellence.

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