Roaring Fork PreCollegiate is a college access program for motivated first-generation students in the Roaring Fork School District who have been selected based on a demonstrated commitment to pursuing education after high school.

The mission of Roaring Fork PreCollegiate is to partner with our students to choose the post-secondary path that is best for them. To accomplish this we provide comprehensive high school and college advising and mentoring, access to relevant resources, and experiential opportunities.

PreCollegiate’s vision is for all of our students to be inspired by new opportunities and perspectives, build lasting relationships, better understand themselves in order to tell their story, and believe in and achieve whatever future they envision.

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Early College Exploration



High School Preparation



Goal Setting and Self Exploration



School and Community Involvement



College and Career Exploration



Applications, Future Options, and Planning


Transitioning to the Next Step

Luis Venegas Martínez
Fernanda Ruiz
Alison Torres
Jordy Gonzalez
Sulema Santiago Nieves
Rubi Ariza
Giovanny Anaya

Our Scholars

What PreCollegiate means to our alumni.

To me, PreCollegiate was like a second home that I shared with other classmates from similar backgrounds.

- Luis Venegas Martínez

PreCollegiate to me means united. We were all united by being first generation and supporting each other through the process. It was very helpful to me junior and senior year!.

- Fernanda Ruiz

PreCollegiate was an amazing opportunity that guided me through a confusing process. If it weren't for this program I would be very lost and behind. I am very grateful for everything it has offered and all the experiences that it brought.

- Alison Torres

Precollegiate has become almost like a family, I feel so comfortable and happy with the people in my group, I would not be where I am today without the help of you guys, thank you.

- Jordy Gonzalez

PreCollegiate means hope and support from mentors that want to help you reach your goal of going to college. It was very helpful due to mentors helping with scholarships, FAFSA, going on college tours and preparing us for SATs.

- Sulema Santiago Nieves

PreCollegiate made a big impact navigating me towards college. When I was accepted into the program in seventh grade, I knew I wanted to go to college, but wasn’t aware of anything else. PreCollegiate guided me a lot of the way. This program helped me by expanding my horizons. [...]

- Rubi Ariza

Bill is not only my mentor, but my best friend. I can always count on him for advice and support…he has encouraged me to set goals for myself…now I know I want to become someone important in this life.

- Giovanny Anaya

PreCollegiate has allowed me to hold myself to the highest standards of performance while being cognizant of my education. The program stimulates student’s determinations to continue to pursue a higher education while challenging them academically.

- Kimberly Vega Terrazas

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Our mentors are volunteers throughout our community that wish to aid students looking to aim for higher education. Mentors help Staff work to set a college-going expectation by identifying resources, sharing experiences, and providing insight and support.


Join the Program

If you or your child are a student attending a Roaring Fork School District middle or high school,  Roaring Fork PreCollegiate may be right for you! We aid students who would be first-generation college graduates in growing their educational pathways to help them reach for higher education.


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Roaring Fork PreCollegiate operates as a not-for-profit organization focused on helping our community prosper. We partner with students to access higher education opportunities with our programing. If you would like to help us on our mission, we have a donation option available and we are thankful for any contributions, monetary or otherwise.


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