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Pre-collegiate mentor: Bob Johnson


Anna Holley
Post Independent
May 8, 2009

This man is the epitome of human decency and selflessness. Characteristics that few possess. One man who possesses such qualities is Bob Johnson. Johnson is a Pre-Collegiate mentor for whom one good deed isn’t enough.

“He has really helped me to find my way through a sea of tests and paperwork…he helps me see what I need to get to where I want to go,” a junior at GSHS Abril Loya said.

The Pre-Collegiate program is offered to students, who either had parents go to college in a different country, or are the first generation in their family to go to and complete college. “Pre-Collegiate is such an important endeavor, it gives kids a chance to better educate themselves, which is critical especially in the job market like today’s,” Loya said.

“Bob is really great, he always is willing to listen and he helps in any way he can,” Loya said. Loya has been in the program since she was a freshman because her parents did not go to college in this country.

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