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Pre-Collegiate Mentor Paula Stepp


Keevyn Scholl
Post Independent
June 20, 2009

Family, friends, pets, sports, teaching, volunteering and life. This describes Paula Stepp in a few words. Stepp is a person who gives to others. She volunteers her time for the future education of our valley’s youth.

As the daughter of an Air Force officer, Stepp grew up all over the world. She was born in California, moved to France, spent some time in Japan, and ended up spending her high school career in Colorado, and eventually attending Humboldt State University in California.

Stepp became involved in the Pre-Collegiate Program when her husband was working with the BLM in Glenwood after college. Pre-Collegiate is a program that helps kids whose parents haven’t graduated from college prepare for college. “I have done work with teens and youth through the years,” Stepp said. “I firmly believe education is the cornerstone of what makes a strong and viable community.”

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