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Pre-Collegiate Program will “always believe in you”


Yazmin Castillo
Sopris Sun Intern
Published August 21, 2014

“This program will always believe you.” This is what Ingrid Gomez had to say about the Roaring Fork Pre-Collegiate Program, which caters to future first generation college students from Roaring Fork, Basalt and Glenwood Springs high schools. Along with other students, I have been involved in the program since my seventh grade year in Carbondale schools, and it has been a wonderful experience.

During the middle school years the program exposes you to different careers and also prepares you to be successful in your upcoming years of high school. When the students enter high school, that’s when all the fun and hard work begins.

The Pre-Collegiate Program also offers four summer programs: two at Colorado Mountain College (which last a week) and two at the University of Colorado at Boulder campus (which last two weeks). I had the privilege to attend all of them. Not only were they a rewarding experience academically and socially, but it’s an involvement that I will carry and treasure my whole life.

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