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Pre-Collegiate volunteer “hooked” on helping


Bonnie Cretti
Special to The Sopris Sun
Published August 21, 2014

I retired from full-time teaching at Roaring Fork High School in the spring of 2004. Within just a few weeks, I was contacted by the then-director of the Pre-Collegiate Program, Adriana Ayala, to see if I would be interested in becoming a volunteer mentor. Would I take on a group of freshmen at RFHS who had lost their mentor? For some prescient reason, I did not hesitate to say “yes.” Ten years and many re-inventions later, I am still hooked.

Pre-Collegiate is a microcosm of what could and maybe should be provided for all high-school students in the Roaring Fork School District. It provides mentoring, test preparation, access to opportunities, summer programs, parental support, and information about the entire college application process for its students. These advantages would benefit all students, but are only now available for those who qualify, who are first-generation college-bound and who show academic promise at some point between the sixth and 11th grades.

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