Who We Are

Creating a program to further education in first generation students.

Annual Report

22-23 Annual Report by dsmith

How PreCollegiate Works

Roaring Fork PreCollegiate is a college access program for motivated students who would be the first in their family to go to college. We recruit qualified students in the 7th grade and follow them through their first year of college. There are four main parts to our programming:


Students will be placed in cohorts and partnered with a volunteer mentor from the community. The mentor follows their students through high school graduation and into college. Mentors set a college-going expectation while working with students on setting and achieving academic and personal goals. They also work with students on the development of life skills, such as self advocacy.

College Summer and Visit Experiences

All students attend two summer residential college experiences and are expected to attend other college visits. Typically, students will stay at or visit Colorado Mountain College, Colorado Mesa University, Colorado State University, the University of Colorado, and others. These visit experiences and programs are designed to give students a glimpse into what college life would be like and to demonstrate to them that they belong in college.

Parent Programming

Also beginning in 7th grade, the Program offers parent classes and support throughout middle and high school. The classes focus on the college application process, the importance of good study habits, college transition issues, and financial aid planning.

College Counseling

The Program offers comprehensive college counseling and financial aid planning for every student. Seniors meet with Program Staff every week during senior year to complete applications, scholarships and financial aid. The Program also provides a structured transition from high school to college by working with students during the summer after senior year.


98% of Our Students Go on to College

Of those, over 80% graduate, which is over three times the national graduation rate of other first-generation college students. In addition, many PreCollegiate students not only attend top colleges and universities around the state and country, some go on to pursue secondary degrees-and even PhD.’s-in everything from accounting to law to psychology.